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There are a number of ways you can get involved with the OzHarvest #PledgeAPlate Challenge - simply via sharing a photo of your leftovers on social media or getting your school or business involved in fundraising activities - all in the name of reducing food waste!!


Calling all Food Waste Warriors to #PledgeAPlate on Social Media! 

To take part in our #PledgeAPlate Social Media Challenge, follow these simple steps: 

  1. Make something delicious with your leftovers
  2. Share it on social with #PledgeAPlate
  3. Nominate a mate, and don’t forget to donate!


#PledgeAPlate Schools Challenge

Calling all School Champions to reduce food waste and #PledgeAPlate! 

Here in Australia, we throw away 4 million tonnes of perfectly good food every year. That’s the same weight as over 220,000 school buses!

Did you know?

Nearly a third of school lunch boxes end up in the bin. 

This is where your school can really make a difference.  OzHarvest is calling on all food waste warriors in schools across the country to help combat food waste and change behaviour by getting involved with the #PledgeAPlate challenge. 

There are many ways to get involved from classroom activities and school assemblies, to bringing in lunch made from leftovers or creating your own leftover dish. 

Whatever way you get involved, we want you to share it to inspire others in your community or by challenging a neighbouring school to do the same.

If you are ready to take action, follow these simple steps:

1. REGISTER your school now

2. INVITE others to JOIN your school team!

2. DOWNLOAD your #PledgeAPlate Schools Pack

3. SET a goal to raise $500 and get started on your team fundraising! Remember every $1 raised allows OzHarvest to deliver two meals to people in need in the community.

Schools Pack Includes:

  • Ideas on how your school can get involved (educate, participate, compete, fundraise)
  • Food waste fact sheet
  • Tools & tips (including newsletter and email template and poster, posters, suggested social media posts, recipe ideas)

Empowering and engaging our next generation of leaders on this important issue is the only way to make a better world.


#PledgeAPlate Business Challenge

To fight food waste, we need TEAMWORK!

We can only make a difference to this huge issue of food waste if we work as a team.  This is where we need your help to galvanise the troops and get workplaces around the country to take the #PledgeAPlate challenge.

There are lots of different ways workplaces can get involved from organising a team bake-over, cooking a lunch from leftovers or serving up a soup storm. Think of workplace challenges such as Last Night's Leftover Lunches, Bring in Your Bake-Overs, Surplus Soup or Zero Waste Wednesdays. 

Workers can have fun by sharing their #PledgeAPlate meal creations on their team blog, and by adding the element of fundraising a workplace or business can help OzHarvest deliver more meals to people in need.

Ready to go?

Follow these simple steps to get involved:

1. REGISTER your business now.

2. INVITE others to JOIN your team!

3. DOWNLOAD your #PledgeAPlate Business Pack

4. SET a goal to raise $1000 and get started on your team fundraising! Nominate some friends, another team or nearby workplace to do the same and the Challenge is on!

Business Pack Includes:

  • Ideas on how your business can get involved (educate, participate, compete, fundraise)
  • Food waste fact sheet
  • Tools & tips (including newsletter and email template, posters, challenges, suggested social media posts, recipe ideas)


We look forward to witnessing a combined effort to FIGHT FOOD WASTE all over the country!!!

Happy cooking!

OzHarvest Team 


Attend an event near you!

Join us for a FREE 'rescued' lunch prepared and served by top chefs around the country to raise awareness about food waste, food security and sustainability.

Find a local event near you!

Event Date: Monday, 25 July 2016

Metro Locations

Regional Areas

  • Armidale: Meals on Wheels Pavilion, Armidale Showground – 6.30pm-9.00pm – RSVP here.
  • Sapphire Coast (24 July): Twyford Hall, Cnr Market & Beach Sts, Merimbula – 11.30am-2.00pm – RSVP here
  • Cairns (26 July): The German Club, 57 Winkworth Street, Bungalow – 6.00pm-9.00pm –RSVP here
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Challenge your friends & colleagues

Know someone who can whip up an amazing meal from leftovers? Challenge them to #PledgeAPlate now.